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My office hours are an experiment to broaden the creative community, make connections and share knowledge. If you're a creative coder, designer, artist (and beyond) and you want feedback on your work, this time is for you. I'm offering my knowledge and feedback based on years of work in these fields, and I hope to share my skill and experience with a wide range of creative people from diverse backgrounds throughout the world.

Meetings are not limited to technical advice, but here are some technologies I'm well versed in: JavaScript, HTML, CSS, SASS, PHP, Canvas, Three JS, NodeJS, jQuery, Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch, After Effects, Premiere, Fruity Loops, gifSlap...

Some non-technical topics I might be particularly helpful with include: graphic/visual design, composition, artist strategy, product design, freelancing advice, VJ stuff, netlabel stuff, music mixing/mastering, parameterizing ambiguous processes...

Meetings are scheduled in 30-minute increments using the link above. You don't have to ask me first, and you don't even have to know me. Office hours can be introductions too.

Donald Hanson is a new media artist in Oakland, California working between technology, design and creative coding. His work explores interactive aesthetics, live projection, glitch art and internet technology.

Available for AV/VJ performance, installations, lectures, workshops and commissions. Also available for office hours to talk art / design / code / ideas / mentorship.

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