Cities n Skies (gif series)
gif-art 2016
cities-n-skies 1 gif art Donald Hanson cities-n-skies 1/3 cities-n-skies 2 gif art Donald Hanson cities-n-skies 2/3 cities-n-skies 3 gif art Donald Hanson cities-n-skies 3/3

Experiments in transparency and tracers, performed on views of buildings and skies. Three gifs total.

Donald Hanson is a new media artist in Oakland, California working between technology, design and creative coding. His work explores interactive aesthetics, live projection, glitch art and internet technology.

Available for AV/VJ performance, installations, lectures, workshops and commissions. Also available for office hours to talk art / design / code / ideas / mentorship.

net-art art-installations gif-art video-art electronic-music vj open-source

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