Donald Hanson is a new media artist in Oakland, California working between technology, design and creative coding. His work explores interactive aesthetics, live projection, glitch art and internet technology.

Available for AV/VJ performance, installations, lectures, workshops and commissions. Also available for office hours to talk art / design / code / ideas / mentorship.

net-art art-installations gif-art video-art electronic-music vj open-source

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Surph (gif series)
gif-art 2016
Surph 1 gif art Donald Hanson Surph 1/5

Experiments in contrast and hue, performed on footage of moving water. Five gifs total.

Artifax (gif series)
gif-art 2016
artifax 1 gif art Donald Hanson Artifax 1/4

Experiments in converting media between formats and amplifying the resulting artifacts. Four gifs total.

Cities n Skies (gif series)
gif-art 2016
cities-n-skies 1 gif art Donald Hanson cities-n-skies 1/3

Experiments in transparency and tracers, performed on views of buildings and skies. Three gifs total.

gifSlap VJ Software
vj gif-art open-source 2013 - 2018
Compiled screen videos of gifSlap.

gifSlap is VJ performance software for people who love gifs. Patterns are created on the fly using onscreen controls and MIDI controllers. Built entirely with web technology and packaged for download as a desktop app. Free and open source.

gifSlap control deck
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