Donald Hanson is a new media artist in Oakland, California working between technology, design and creative coding. His work explores interactive aesthetics, live projection, glitch art and internet technology.

Available for AV/VJ performance, installations, lectures, workshops and commissions. Also available for office hours to talk art / design / code / ideas / mentorship.

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Tides Tides Tides

A 7 minute video art collaboration shown at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts (September 2017) as part of two performances of Tides Tides Tides by Jesse Hewit. Compiled footage shot on location in San Francisco and Hawaii.

Words & Direction - Jesse Hewit, Sound & Music - Robbie Beahrs, Video - Donald Hanson

ShyBot ShyBot Screenshot of ShyBot tracking website.

ShyBot is an autonomous robot designed to flee from people, released in Palm Springs for the 2017 Desert X Biennial. As part of a team of four, my role was to build an online interface to track the GPS equipped robot. My visualization was also shown at a two-week exhibit at The Lab in San Francisco. Produced in collaboration with CODAME Art+Tech as Norma Jeane.

Project page on Codame

Press: New York Times 1 New York Times 2 Engadget Motherboard Huffington Post Popular Mechanics KMIR Local CBS Local

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Cyberpunk Vis

Windows spawn, grow and animate while quotes from William Gibson's novels type themselves and fizzle away. Shown as a semi-performed projection at B4BEL4B in October 2016, over scultpures by Lana Voronina.

Click the iframe above to allow keyboard commands.

1 ...... spawn window
2 ...... remove window
3 ...... show quote
4 ...... remove quote
5 ...... change color
up ..... move windows vertically
left ... move windows horizontally
space .. stop and start autoplay

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Circles of Intimacy Circles of Intimacy Photo from the installation debut.

This installation is an audiovisual program that reacts to the proximity of approaching guests. Anouk Wipprecht created a proximity sensor necklace, and my visualization was projected straight down onto the floor around the person wearing it. This project was presented at CODAME Art+Tech in San Francisco.

The visualizations are made with CSS and JavaScript in a Chromium browser with NodeJS running to read serial data from the sensors.

Anouk Wipprecht Circles of Intimacy
Übungsraum People interacting with the Übungsraum installation.

Übungsraum was a room-scale installation using a webcam and kinect to track movements of people in the space. Their images were projected onto the wall, with the image only updating in the location where they were moving thereby leaving trails of their movements. The X/Y/Z positions of people also affected the sound characteristics of synth oscillators playing in the room. This project was a collaboration with Matthew Howell and Jacob Fenwick, produced for the 2015 CODAME Art+Tech Festival. My role was developing the visual projection and webcam integration. Project page on Codame

Gridwalk Media Gridwalk

Gridwalk Media is a record label dedicated to instrumental electronic music. We have released 23 albums since 2010. I am a cofounder and director of technology for the label.

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