Donald Hanson is a new media artist in Oakland working between technology, design and creative coding. His work explores interactive aesthetics, live projection, glitch art and internet technology.

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Permanent Redirect net-art 2018 Permanent Redirect Screenshot of cover story on Permanent Redirect by The Outline.

A net art piece that moves to a new URL whenever someone views it. It is not possible to link to the art piece. Over time the art piece will become very hard to view. At the time of this writing the art has been viewed and moved over 168,000 times by humans and robots. (Mostly robots) This is an experiment in introducing artificial scarcity into digital work.

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Press: CBC Radio Audio Interview The Outline I Had Ten Dollars (Interview) Boing Boing Kottke

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Favicron net-art 2017 Favicron by Donald Hanson

Favicron is a page filled with favicons of the most popular websites year over year. It automatically updates the favicons as it cycles through the years from the year 2000 (invention of the favicon) to 2017.

Favicron was shown in the 2017 Wrong Biennale, in the pavilion Dis[ ] (Disarray).

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Tides Tides Tides video-art collaborations 2017

A 7 minute video art collaboration shown at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts (September 2017) as part of two performances of Tides Tides Tides by Jesse Hewit. Compiled footage shot on location in San Francisco and Hawaii.

Words & Direction - Jesse Hewit, Sound & Music - Robbie Beahrs, Video - Donald Hanson

ShyBot art-installations net-art collaborations 2017 ShyBot Screenshot of ShyBot tracking website.

ShyBot is an autonomous robot designed to flee from people, released in Palm Springs for the 2017 Desert X Biennial. As part of a team of four, my role was to build an online interface to track the GPS equipped robot. My visualization was also shown at a two-week exhibit at The Lab in San Francisco. Produced in collaboration with CODAME Art+Tech as Norma Jeane.

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Project page on Codame

Press: New York Times 1 NYT 2 Engadget Motherboard Huffington Post Popular Mechanics KMIR Local CBS Local

Day and Night video-art 2017

Day and Night is a short video art piece using stationary shots of nature and aquatics morphing between scenes.

This piece was shown in 2017 at STABLE experimental music and art in Oakland, CA.

CSS Scrambler Bookmarklet net-art 2016 CSS Scrambler bookmarklet Screenshots of scrambled websites. Originals 1,2

CSS Scrambler is a bookmarklet that alters the html from top to bottom by moving the CSS rules found on each element onto its preceding element. The result is a visually scrambled layout. It can be run multiple times on a page, changing the layout each time. Here's the source code.

Drag the bookmarklet to your bookmarks bar and use it on any page:

CSS Scrambler
Composition Idea Generator net-art 2017 shown here in iframe

A randomized sentence describing a composition that does not exist yet. Created by observing artwork and noting every word that came to mind, then sorting the words into parts of speech.

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Surph (gif series) gif-art 2016 Surph 1 gif art Donald Hanson Surph 1/5

Experiments in contrast and hue, performed on footage of moving water. Five gifs total.

Cyberpunk Vis net-art art-installations collaborations 2016 shown here in iframe

Windows spawn, grow and animate while quotes from William Gibson's novels type themselves and fizzle away. Shown as a semi-performed projection at B4BEL4B in October 2016, over scultpures by Lana Voronina.

Click the iframe above to allow keyboard commands.

1 ...... spawn window
2 ...... remove window
3 ...... show quote
4 ...... remove quote
5 ...... change color
up ..... move windows vertically
left ... move windows horizontally
space .. stop and start autoplay

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Artifax (gif series) gif-art 2016 artifax 1 gif art Donald Hanson Artifax 1/4

Experiments in converting media between formats and amplifying the resulting artifacts. Four gifs total.

Thinking of Space video-art 2018

High contrast video art piece with footage from Tokyo, NYC, Osaka and the Sierra Nevada mountains of California.

Cities n Skies (gif series) gif-art 2016 cities-n-skies 1 gif art Donald Hanson cities-n-skies 1/3

Experiments in transparency and tracers, performed on views of buildings and skies. Three gifs total.

WebSplicer Bookmarklet net-art 2018
Video demo of WebSplicer.

WebSplicer is a bookmarklet that merges another webpage into the one you're viewing. Here's the source code.

Use it on any page:

WebSplicer Bookmarklet (Drag to Bookmarks Bar)
Übungsraum art-installations collaborations 2015 People interacting with the Übungsraum installation.

Übungsraum was a room-scale installation using a webcam and kinect to track movements of people in the space. Their images were projected onto the wall, with the image only updating in the location where they were moving thereby leaving trails of their movements. The X/Y/Z positions of people also affected the sound characteristics of synth oscillators playing in the room. This project was a collaboration with Matthew Howell and Jacob Fenwick, produced for the 2015 CODAME Art+Tech Festival. My role was developing the visual projection and webcam integration.

Project page on Codame

gifSlap VJ Software vj gif-art 2013 - Present Compiled screen videos of gifSlap.

gifSlap is VJ performance software for people who love gifs. Patterns are created on the fly using onscreen controls and MIDI controllers. Built entirely with web technology and packaged for download as a desktop app.

gifSlap control deck
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Gridwalk Media electronic-music collaborations 2010 - Present Gridwalk

Gridwalk Media is a record label dedicated to instrumental electronic music. We have released 23 albums since 2010. I am a cofounder and director of technology for the label.

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