Donald Hanson is a technologist in San Francisco working between art, design and creative coding. His work explores interactive aesthetics, live projection, glitch art and internet technology.

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Composition Idea Generator net-art 2017 shown here in iframe

A randomized sentence describing a composition that does not exist yet. Created by observing artwork and noting every word that came to mind, then sorting the words into parts of speech.

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CSS Scrambler Bookmarklet net-art 2016 CSS Scrambler bookmarklet Screenshots of scrambled websites. Originals 1,2

CSS Scrambler is a bookmarklet that alters the html from top to bottom by moving the CSS rules found on each element onto its preceding element. The result is a visually scrambled layout. It can be run multiple times on a page, changing the layout each time. Here's the source code.

Drag the bookmarklet to your bookmarks bar and use it on any page:

CSS Scrambler
Cyberpunk Vis net-art art-installations collaborations 2016 shown here in iframe

Windows spawn, grow and animate while quotes from William Gibson's novels type themselves and fizzle away. Shown as a semi-performed projection at B4BEL4B in October 2016, over scultpures by Lana Voronina.

      (click the iframe above 
      to allow keyboard commands)

      1 ...... spawn window
      2 ...... remove window (randomly)
      3 ...... show quote
      4 ...... remove oldest quote
      5 ...... change color
      up ..... move windows to top / down
      left ... move windows to left / right
      space .. stop and start autoplay

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